Table not displaying all data

I have setup a table with my data connection and am able to load a good amount of data, however my DB has over 20K rows. How can I have it continue loading rows as my user scrolls down? Or query the DB when we filter to only show matching rows? Is there a tutorial for that?

Also, I have server side pagination set and the overflow set to scroll.

Thank you!

Hello, you can set server side pagination here.

table don't support continue loading when scroll down yet.

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Hi @John_R,

Anson has shared screenshots for the new upgraded version of the table, which I'd recommend switching to if possible! The new table doesn't yet support loading while scrolling, but it has much better performance for large datasets

If you're using server side pagination, the built in table filtering UI won't work, but you could manually add filters to your table query.

how you fix this? im having same issue i set server pagination as enabled but when i try to filter something out of current pagination, it wont work at all

Are there any good resources to walk through how to "recreate" the filter functionality yourself, when using server side pagination?

In my case, I am working with a postgres db

Hi @Justin_Greywolf,

You can reference component values in your paginated query to filter the data that is being paginated:

You'd want to also add this component filtering to your "count" query that determines the number of rows for the table:

OK. Maybe I am misunderstanding something. When I have server side pagination turned on, I can still click on the filter icon in the table and add values. They just dont do anything.

So, can I access those values from within my query, the same way I can access things like {{ table.selectedRow...}}

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Hi @Justin_Greywolf Although you can still access the pagination filter UI, it only filters your data if you do not have server side pagination on. You could access the filters under {{tableName.filterStack}}, but it can be fairly tricky to format them properly.

For this reason, we recommend either disabling server side pagination in order to use the pagination ui, removing the filter button from your table, or adding components to your app that can be connected to your table query & used to filter your data.

Thanks Tess - since we have 10s of thousands of records (and growing exponentially every day) the client side pagination does not work for us - but I will look into adding some filter components as suggested

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