Table: image rendering bug

Recently we found a bug where our image in a table could not be displayed. We don't know when this started, but everything was fine during the time we started integrating with Retool.

Please take a look at the screenshot below. For some reason, Retool prepends to the image URL, and that causes the image unable to be correctly displayed.

URL sample:

Image field configuration:

Please let me know if you need further information from our end in order to resolve this issue.


I can confirm if I remove the query parameters from the image URL, the table won't prepend the into the image URL.

But due to circumstances, we currently need the query parameters in the image URL. So, this still needs to be fixed.

Removing token from the URL fixes the issue, but the images are stored in the private bucket so we need the token query parameter in order to display the image correctly.

Is there any workaround for this? I believe this is quite simple to fix.

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Hi @Josh2,

Thanks for reaching out & for sharing all of these details! I'm seeing the same issue :thinking: Our team is working on shipping a fix asap. You should see it working in your account soon :crossed_fingers:

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I have confirmed that the issue has been fixed, thank you!