BUG: Images in markdown are not rendered when using utils.downloadPage

Images in markdown are not rendered when using utils.downloadPage()

Here is a sample app demonstrating the issue
Demo20Table20markdown.json (6.7 KB)

What's visible in the app

What's rendered in the PDF

Hey @rferland!

Thanks for surfacing this an providing a great repro app :slightly_smiling_face: I've passed this along to the dev team and will let you know here when it has been fixed.

Any ETA for a fix @Kabirdas ?

Sorry no ETA at the moment @rferland. It hasn't been picked up yet. Is there a particular use case you're looking to solve with this?

I've put a bunch of efforts in a grid that is used as a report/dashboard and that grid contains images to display progress bars and/or status. The users like to be able to export it as PDF for archive and sharing with stakeholders and that the export looks like what they see on screen

Ah! That's a wonderful grid! :grimacing:

The dev team is currently focusing on broader table improvements and there's a chance that this will be fixed in the course of those but, unfortunately, I don't have any guarantees for you or an effective workaround :pensive:

Hi @Kabirdas, still no progress on fixing that bug? The only way to add effective visual queues (progress bar in that case) to a table is to use images in markdown. And being able to print the page is one of the feature provided out of the box. It would be great if they could work together as using Retool to create dashboards is very handy.

Hey @rferland!

I did some more testing with this and it looks like the issue specifically has to do with svg files as opposed to other file types -

Table in editor:

Table in downloaded pdf:

This is definitely still a bug but as it hasn't been picked up yet, would it be possible to generate the images in a different type as a workaround?

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Seems to be fixed now in the cloud version! :tada: