Navigation > Logo > storage , logo not showing up

Hello Retool Team,

I've tried to design a web app with retool, after using navigation and I want to upload a logo pic from storage, the logo not showing up in the navigation pane as expected but from URL is working fine.

Kindly advise.

This is also happening to me.
I am able to use my Legacy Images or URLs but any new files I upload do not appear

Dealing with the same issue right now.

Hey all, am definitely able to reproduce this and submitting a bug to our engineering team right now. I'll update the post here when we have any new information / eta on a fix. Thanks!

I also cannot get a logo to display. The default (using a url) seems to work, but uploading a png does not.

@devinmcbride As noted above this is a bug that is being worked on. We should have a fix out relatively soon and I'll update this post as soon as it is live!