Table having large number of columns(> 30) make the app slow or stuck


I am trying to display data from an API. The data is in the form of a dictionary of arrays.
Our data has around 60+ columns that need to be displayed. It's basically an hl7 message.
The table works fine for 20 - 25 columns but with 60+ columns, the app is getting stuck. Is there any workaround in retool to display such data having 60+ columns?

Thanks in advance

I guess it depends on the data set size and maybe NOT the number of columns... interested to see how you fit 60 columns in a table in a single view (unless your making it scrollable...)
Any more information would help the forum find you a solution quicker...

Yes, it definitely depends on the size of the data but if I increase the rows table handles it by pagination. When I increase the columns table makes it scrollable but to a certain limit of around 25 - 30 columns. Increasing columns more than that makes the table stuck. That is the reason when the columns are around 60+ then it tries to create a table out of it but gets stuck.

(Hopping in here) That sounds pretty expected in Retool, actually.

Large amounts of columns (or rows) can cause performance downgrades in apps. How many rows do you have? I’d imagine 60 columns x 2 rows might be okay, but the data size increases pretty quickly with more rows of 60 columns each :sweat_smile: