Maximum number of rows in table

I have a table connected to an API data source which currently gives me more then 700 list items back. When I connect this API to a table I can however only see 100 rows with items. Is the limit for data shown in a table capped at 100 ?
Is there a way to increase the data that can be shown by a table so I can display all of my 700 data points ? Welcome to the forum!
Can you share some screenshots? Is the data paginated on the server side? Is the table component set to paginate or scroll?

Did you ever figure it out? I'm stuck with the same deal. Using a REST API that returns a JSON result, but only displays up to 100

Hey @fcicyber! What kind of pagination does your API use (e.g. cursor-based or server-side)?

For example, Stripe's API utilizes cursor-based pagination. You can use a table with server-side pagination enabled. We have some docs on getting started with that, so please do check those out!

Also, are any of these forum posts close to what you're looking to do?



Let us know if you need any additional help as you follow those steps!

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Thanks for getting back with us! I will use your links to figure this out. The problem we're having is that the pagination is server side. Thank you for your help!