Extremely slow apps (many columns)

Hello, we are experience very slow response from the retool apps.
Can someone help please?

Kind regards,

Hi @Fernando!

Sorry to hear that your apps are running slowly. When did you start noticing the slow responses? Are you seeing them in any particular part of your apps?

Hey, so we also had issues with very sluggish performance. what helped a lot for us was to reduce the numer of columns we display (we actually display them dynamically now). Maybe that helps!

@lys123 thanks for the tip... this definitely improved performance in our app. I suspect it's not just the number of columns displayed, but the number of columns returned in a query data-bound to a table. I reduced our query from returning 74 columns (12 visible) to returning just 5 columns (all 5 visible) and it made a huge difference.

That was a good reminder that just because you can bring back a lot of columns doesn't make it a good app design.