Displaying large amounts of data

I am currently working on a way to display the data in our company's shipping schedule. It is a Google Sheet and it contains 32 columns, all of which are necessary. Does anyone have any suggestions on a way to display the data so the page doesn't have to scroll horizontally? Is it possible to use two or three consecutive rows to display a record instead of having to use one row? I am open to any suggestions at this point. Thanks.

While it is not possible to display a single record across multiple consecutive rows in Retool, you can use a few creative alternatives to reduce horizontal scrolling and effectively display a large number of columns.

  1. Tabbed containers: Use these containers to categorize/group related columns and split your data into tabs. For example, you could have a tab for 'Shipping Details', 'Customer Details', 'Product Details', etc., based on your Google Sheets columns.
  2. Modal/Drawer/Side Pane for Detailed View: Use a table to display a summary of the most relevant columns, and then create an on-click event for each record that opens a modal. The modal could contain a more detailed or a complete view of all 32 columns.
  3. Tooltip or Popover: Much like the modal, you can use tooltips or popovers to show additional details when the user hovers over a specific row or button in a row.
  4. Expandable Rows: Show the main, high priority columns in the initial table view and put the remaining columns in the expanded row section. This way, users can click on a row to see more details without having to navigate away from the main table.

These could be more user-friendly solutions rather than squeezing all columns into a single row or using horizontal scroll.
Hope this helps


is flipping rows and columns possible? lock columns to a max of 1 and paginate each entry:

      |   col1  |   col2   |   col3   | .....
row1  |   rc11  |  rc12    |   rc13   | ....
row2  |   rc21  |  rc22    |   rc23   | ....

that would become:

Page 1

      |   row1  |
col1  |  rc11   |
col2  |  rc12   |
col3  |  rc13   |
...   |  ...    |
Page 2

      |   row2  |
col1  |  rc21   |
col2  |  rc22   |
col3  |  rc23   |
...   |  ...    |

A more radical option would be to consider not displaying it in a table at all.

A "record card" style view, with grouped data points, could work here - a list view with several components might be an option to achieve this. Think like an Amazon search results page etc