Large database query pagination

Hi everyone,
I have a large table that pulls all data from a database of mine in one shot, and this can take sometimes a minute long.
I would like to pull it in batches, say 200 rows each time (out of ~2000 rows, increasing from time to time).
I can change the database itself to pull in batches, but I didn't manage to display it iteratively after each pull, batch by batch on top of the table's data.
I've seen also there is pagination configuration in the table, but this way a new page is queried on page swap, and global table filters and statistics cannot be used properly.

I tried to implement this functinality myself:

let offset = 0;
let batchSize = page_size.value;
let data;

try {
  do {
    const batch = await FetchTableBatch.trigger({additionalScope: {table_offset: offset}});
    data =;
    if (data) {
      Object.keys(data).forEach((key) => {
        const currentData = table_data.value || {};
        const newData = data[key] || [];
        table_data.setIn([key], [...(currentData[key] || []), ...newData]);

      offset += batchSize;
    } else {
  } while (data && Object.values(data).some(values => values.length === batchSize));
} catch (error) {
  console.error('An error occurred while fetching data:', error);

While FetchTableBatch is:

SELECT *, FROM candidates 
LIMIT {{ batch_size.value }}
OFFSET {{ table_offset.value }}

It worked, and the table that used table_data as source data increased the data dynamically.
But, it seems that retool is running in one thread (and handling the tasks asynchronously - therefore although it is pulling in batches, it is causing the application to be stuck untill it finishes to pull all database data (which is now for much longer time instead of pulling it once in a non limited query).

Is my use case possible to handle in retool?
I might try to optimize the database data storing for memory efficiency so I'll pull less data, but it's pretty optimized already.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

Thank you for providing such detailed information about your issue with pulling data in batches and the resulting application freeze.

To implement server-side filtering for a server-side paginated table in Retool, you can utilize the table1.filterStack property. It represents the current filters applied to your table. You'll then need to add those filters into your query to your database or API.

Observe table1.filterStack in Retool's JS Expression editor to understand its structure - it should contain details about each filter such as column name, operator used, and the user-entered value. Use this object to construct the appropriate conditions in your data request.

For example, in a SQL request, ensure it resembles:

SELECT * FROM customers 
WHERE {{ => `${f.column} ${f.operator} '${f.value}'`).join(' AND ') }}

More information on server-side pagination can be found in the Retool documentation here.