Table actions without "action button text" not clickable

Hi RT community, I just noticed this week that all of my table actions (that I have always populated with custom css images as the button content), are no longer editable. When I attempt to click on them in the right pane in editor mode, the action's edit modal doesn't display (as it always has until yesterday). The only option I have that works is to use the (...) options to duplicate or delete the action.

Not sure if it's helpful, but inspecting the action's <div>, I see this: <div data-testid="undefined_item" class="_fPK4r _v9b4B"><div class="retool-popover-children _PGR2Q _bbDmM"><div data-testid="undefined_item--clickable" class="_Xvwdc _UAgXb _v9b4B"></div>

If I create an action with any value in the "Action button text", editing works fine. Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi @DrewScott Thanks for reporting this! It looks like this is a Retool bug :disappointed: I will let you know on this thread if we're able to ship a fix!