Table Action Button Issue

I've come across an interesting issue.
I have a table with an Action button, trying to run a query, it works for basic fetch queries but for others it just closes with no exceptions thrown, no feedback and the query isn't set.

DELETE FROM UserAccounts WHERE id={{}}

Video Dropbox - Untitled__Mar_7__2023_9_38_AM_cropped_AdobeExpress.mp4 - Simplify your life

Hey @sionaldson!

Super weird, thank you for attaching the video too. I can't get this to repro on my end, would it be alright if I stepped into your app to take a look? A link to your app would be great, if so!

Out of curiosity, does this happen with other tables or in other apps?

Hi @victoria of course. Is there a way for you to DM me? or is there a twitter I can DM with the link?

Just as I was about to get the link and tested it once more and now it works. Thanks for the fast fix

@victoria hello! I spoke too soon, the bug still exists.

See updated video link: Dropbox - bug.mp4 - Simplify your life

When I first try to change the action query with the mouse it just closes the context menu, the second try I use keyboard navigation and it works just fine.

Seems to only be table action buttons

Chrome: Version 111.0.5563.110 (Official Build) (arm64)

Ack :frowning: Do you see any console error when this happens? And let me know if it's still alright for me to step in and take a look. The app name would be great, if that's alright with you!

Just checked and no logs.
When selecting 'action query' it's not all queries which do it but some. Keyboard nav works fine every time.
I can give you the app but not on here as it uses real data. If you can message me or drop a way to send it I will.

That would be excellent! Would you mind sharing a link to me via email?

(That will go directly to my inbox!)