Table throwing Error when action is triggered on transformed data


I have built a table which is using a transformer as its data source:

I have added an action button which sets a variable to the value of a column of the current row:

When I click the button without selecting that row first everything works fine. But when I select the row first and then click on the button I get an error in the console. The value of the variable is still set correctly:

I get the same error when I select the same row multiple times in a row.

I also recorded that behaviour here:


Hello :slight_smile: @Paulo maybe this is something you could take a look at, too. Thank you!

Hi @alexdanylyschyn, thank you for your feedback!

I created a table with the same settings:

But I am unable to reproduce the error. No errors are showing up in my console. However, I notice you have 2 variables. Perhaps there is an issue with "variable1"?

Hi @Paulo I don't think it is an issue with my variables. If have just setup another minimal test app, which has the same issue:

Table Test.json (12.7 KB)

Every time I click on the row action after selecting that row I get the error. When clicking the Row Action button before selecting the row it works fine, without throwing an error.

Thank you for sharing the JSON! I was able to reproduce it. I noticed the error shows up in the Retool console but not in the Chrome console (here is where I was looking). I just created the bug report!
Please let us know if this is affecting your app in any way other than showing the error in the Retool console.

Great thank you :slight_smile: No I don't think it is affecting functionality, its just irritating when looking at the DevTools.