Context/Action Menu for Table Row and ListView

A fairly popular UI element is an action menu for a table row. Often three dots … that you click and it opens a menu of options for that row like edit, delete, rename and such. You use it a lot in the Retool editor.

The best way to implement it for tables would to have an option to turn all of the Action Items into an Action Menu.

But having a context menu like this would also be helpful in ListView and maybe other places as well.


Bumping this, although it may be more specific.
Now that Cell Click event is supported, I would love a custom context menu where action can be triggered based on the cell value - in addition to row-context actions.

Our use case: we have a table with invoices and a vendor column. Today, we have 2 buttons to either filter by a vendor, or exclude it (adding to existing filter of excluded vendors). Sure I could have 2 select components to pick the vendor from each time, but row-based buttons is quicker and right-clicking a vendor name and selecting "Only" or "Exclude" would even be better to save on table's real estate.

@Retoolers, just wondering if custom context-menu was even on the radar as Brad posted that years ago

Not quite what we want, but the new Table component has floating action menu items that are more compact than row buttons. See if that is good enough for you. Note that is is not a simple drop in replacement. For instance .selectedRow is majorly changed so you will have some code to tweak more than likely.

Can't use the new table as it lacks key features for us like row color (alternating row, ledger-style) or conditional cell color (for outliers). I have made a case in another thread to add them in the new table design but I don't expect it anytime soon, so legacy it is for the foreseeable future. But thanks for the suggestion.