Add actions table in a dropdown menu?

hi any chance to add an action dropdown like this in a table?

instead of doing this in retool

any ideas?

thank you

Would love to see an implantation like this, it will help declutter my tables.

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This is not currently possible, but definitely a great feature request!

If you ever want to customize your tables further (for example, you could use a Dropdown Button component here), maybe a list view component would work for you.

A list view component is essentially a container that repeats the components you throw inside the container as many times as you tell it to. For example, let's say you have a getData query that returns 5 rows. In your list view, you could set the length to {{ get }}.

Then, if you add a dropdown button and a text component into your list view, it will create 5 rows where each row has a dropdown button and a text.

The list view component might take a little more manual set up and a little more reading, but it could be helpful!

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Yeah very manual, could be added as a request? Using listview is ok but too many steps for me , at least

Thank you

Of course! Just added :+1:

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