Switching between nav bar is not working properly

I have a navigation with 3 items. Named- tripbook, shipper, supplier and has attached retool page to open on onclick- as I switch to preview mode, when I click on shipper screen I can see the nav bar with shipper highlighted but as soon as switch to tripbook, nav bar disappears why?

Can you plzz help me out?

Doesn't the nav bar need to be placed on each page? That's how I've utilized it in the past.

@matth I have placed nav bar on each and every page. Still not showing

And you see the nav bar in the component explorer (left-hand sidebar)? Are you utilizing the hidden property in any way?

I can see nav bar in edit modr but not in preview mode in case of tripbook only

Can I give you the login crediandals to know the problem, to be figured out

Maybe someone from retool can assist. I haven't come across something like this before.

I'm sorry, I wouldn't feel comfortable with any credentials.


Hey there :wave: If you reach out in chat or email we would be happy to hop in your app and take a look!

@lauren.gus can i mail you the credentials?


If you are on cloud and let us know in the chat/email that we have permission to hop into your app to take a look then we can :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you manage to get to the bottom of this, as I'm having the exact issue?


This has fixed my issue of the disappearing menu items