Tab title not changing after successfully redirecting URL

I've created a simple navigation bar at the top (using ReTool's in-built template) that redirects me between different apps. While the redirect works, it doesn't change the tab title.

For example, after I start in my default page, lesson reports, it says "Lesson Reports | The Elevated School," which is correct.


But when I click on the "Timesheets" app under "Payments" to redirect, the URL and page changes successfully to Timesheets, but the title then just says "Lesson Reports."


Only when I refresh the page, does it then correct itself to "Timesheets | The Elevated School."


I'm not sure why this is happening? I looked through the existing documentation and didn't find a post experiencing a similar thing.

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Hi @Jeffrey_Yu, could you share which template you used?

I created the module from scratch and it updates as I change tabs:

Tab1: Lesson Reports

Tab2: Timesheets

Hi! I used one of the basic Retool templates. I forget which one, but I think it was similar to this one: Project Tracker Template Example | Retool

I then spun off the navigation header into a separate module.

Here is the code:

I also double checked, and the error of the tab title not updating is persisting.

We can't access your org, if we were to sign up it may have an impact on your bill. Do you mind exporting the app/module as JSON and attaching it here?


Lesson Reports.json (527.5 KB)
Timesheets.json (364.0 KB)