Support for Firestore multiple databases - connect to database besides default

We're using multiple Firestore databases for our product, but the Firestore Resource seems to connect only to the "(default)" database. Is there a way to specify the database name?

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We are facing the exact same issue... would be super helpful to find a workaround here!

Is it possible to use query Firestore using a different database name? It usesdefault. I didn't see a field where I can specify a different value. If not, any idea if it's on the roadmap? I'm using a hosted Retool instance 3.24.8

Welcome to the community @Mircea_Pasoi @Noahch! Thanks for chiming in here with this feature request. And @joew appreciate your recent post expressing interest in the same thing -- I've merged your topic here to consolidate the interest. I can definitely see how expanding this functionality would be really useful for many use cases leveraging data hosted in Firestore.

Right now we have an existing feature request logged for our engineering team, but it's not currently on the roadmap. I've just added these three +1s to that internal request to convey the added interest you all expressed! We'll keep updating here with anything new.