Please add support connecting a Google Tag Manager manager account as an application-level configuration option

Without access to the dom we can't use tools like Full Story and HotJar, which are critical for assessing the UX of our applications.

Can you please add the ability to connect a Google Tag Manager account to an application? This would allow us to use GTM to add whatever tools we wanted at the appropriate scope.

Hello @Aslan_Goldenhour!

Completely understand the importance of these tools for tracking users. Unfortunately, the current code architecture of Retool does not allow for retool apps to access the DOM/window directly :pensive:

We have gotten this/similar requests from many users and I am making it a major point for me to get this pushed through to our engineering team to prioritize.

Will be doing further research internally on how big of an engineering barrier this feature would be and hopefully updating you and the community with good news as soon as I can!

Thanks Jack! Appreciate the update. Heartening to hear that this is a pain point for many others.

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