Firebase realtime updates

Could you add .onSnapshot for Firestore and .on(‘value’) for Firebase database. The ability to have realtime updates is one of most important features of Firebase. It’s even called Firebase Real-time database, but currently the realtime can’t be used in retool. It would be good to have at least basic functionality working. Thank you.


Bump. This would be a very useful add on.

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Hello @kakasimenator and @ayan! Sorry for letting this slip through the cracks. Question for you - looking at the Firebase docs, it seems like these are sort of event listeners - what your use case exactly in Retool? Right now we don’t support queries running in the background, so I’m not 100% sure how we’d support this.

Realtime updating UI is pretty much what we need here.

A really basic integration would be to at least be able to select a flag/checkbox that says “Automatically re-query if snapshot changes” and all you guys would have to do would be re-try the query if you receive a snapshot change from that query, or just replace the existing data with the new snapshot data.


+1 this is crucial for my usecase

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+1 that feature would be ideal for us.

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+1 , absolutely needed

+1 for me please. Critical for rolling out my app to multiple users


+1, absolutely needed

Agreed, +1.

At present, the workaround involves refreshing the query every few seconds. However, this significantly increases the number of unneeded read operations on the database, which is not ideal. Implementing a more efficient solution is crucial for Firebase users.

Thanks! :pray:

Does Retool support RealtimeDB subscriptions yet? I see that it's an option in the Query type (Query Firebase data | Retool Docs) but I don't see how to enable realtime updates. Am I missing something?

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Wow this is open since 2020 - really no possibility for subscriptions yet ?

Hey @kev, added your request to the internal ticket. Unfortunately this isn't a prioritized feature at this time, but I'll update here as anything changes.