Suffix icon missing

On mobile there’s a text input component. Under interactions there’s an “suffix icon click” event. But where is the suffix icon setting on this component? :sweat_smile:

Thanks for surfacing this @BobandBill!

It looks like I'm getting to this a bit later than the mobile dev team who has seen your post and will be looking into it. When a fix is pushed I can report back here :slightly_smiling_face:

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So I’m using Retool just a couple of weeks now. Developing a tool for our business goes blazing fast. Almost every other day I can add something new. But I’m still new at this. I like to give feedback or report a bug when I see one. But I’m not always sure if it’s just me who doesn’t know everything yet or that it is actually a bug.

Hey @BobandBill!

As of 3.2.0 the suffix icon should now be available on text inputs!

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