Retool Mobile App not loading SVGs in Image Component

The SVG appears on Web preview but not when opened in the mobile app. Just seeing a blank box.

Seems like a bug?

Hello @mattlovesretool!

I love the user name :sweat_smile:

This is an odd bug, let me try to reproduce it.

How are you passing in the source of the SVG to the component? Is the SVG saved in Retool DB?

A screen shot would be super useful.

You said it appears on web preview, does it appear on mobile preview? Or did you mean when editing the mobile app on a web browser, it appears in mobile app preview but not when deployed and viewed via the app?

Hey @mattlovesretool,

Just head from our mobile eng team :brain: and was informed that Retool Mobile currently does not support SVGs.

The best work around would be to convert the SVGs to PNGs which should work.

There is a ticket for adding SVG support so I can tag your post on as a +1 so that you can be updated whenever the functionality is added!