Retool Mobile: Text Area component

In Retool Mobile, please allow for the creation of a text area (multi-line freeform text input, without character limit). My application requires users to enter notes that are to be shared with other app users, so without this component I can't build the app. I am sure that other developers will have similar needs for such a component. Thanks.

Hi @BobTheBuilder (love the username, ha) welcome to the Retool community. Thanks for the feedback, I'll share it with our Mobile team, we love to hear it! Please let me/us know if you have any other issues, or more thoughts to share.

Hey Bob, thanks for the note! Curious if you're running Retool on cloud or self-hosted?

Hi Liz - am building/testing on the cloud.

Thank you very much to the Retool team, who have swiftly added this feature! You are awarded Bob The Builder's Golden Hammer.


Loving the puns lol :joy:

Yes, you can find the multiline text area in the component picker under "forms":