Retool Mobile Components

Retool Mobile currently has far fewer components available than the Web version.
While I'm sure new components will be probably be added over time but at present this means that Retool Mobile is limited in terms of a mobile app development tool.

To get around this, is a way to incorporate the Web App components onto the Mobile App?

While I could create a separate Web App version of the Mobile App and then link to that via Webview, this seems rather convoluted - not least as Retool Mobile doesn't currently seem to have HTML/iframe/Custom Components.

If I did create a separate Web version of my App, is there any way to move components between the two environments or would I have to build from scratch?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hey @kadfr!

The developer team is working on broadening the tools you have available to you in Retool Mobile. In the meantime, do you have a particular use case you're trying to solve? What would you be using the mobile view of a web app for specifically?


I agree, I'm testing out Retool (Mobile) now for usage within our company and although in basis Mobile is working, it's missing some components which would make it easier to work with.
A switch/toggle would be useful, I can work around this for now by using a dropdown with values ON/OFF, But a switch would be more mobile native.

Also a slider, a date and time picker where you can scroll through the days/months/years would be helpful.

Hey @mbruijnpff!

Both the select component and slider component are on the dev team's radar! I'll let you know here if they're included :slightly_smiling_face:

For the date picker component, are you looking for something like this?

Otherwise, the current date picker does offer some scrolling:

Curious what exactly your specifications are!


good to hear that those already are on your rader.

Regarding the picker, I was thinking about the iOS type date/time picker, but that's what I'm used to.
The example you gave has similar functionality. That has been created with components already available? I could use that (in the meantime).

The current date picker is working, but not that suitable for smaller screens on our zebra devices.

Have a nice weekend.

Yep! It's made just using a container with three select components, you can try it out by importing this JSON.

Hey @mbruijnpff, just want to mention here as well that a switch component has been added to mobile!

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Thanks, I have added it to my app and it's looking great now.

I would love to have a way to display basic html content. I am building a simple podcast app, for instance. I am grabbing a bunch of fields from a podcast's RSS fields and loading them into db tables. Some fields (e.g., podcasts' "description" and episodes' "summary") are often in the form of raw html content. I would love to be able to have a component where I can just make the input {{item.summary}}, where the item's summary is a text field containing, for instance, "Join our "<"a href="http://blahblahblah.blah/discord">Discord server to chat about the show."<"br>Have a great day!" and let it show up correctly.

Note: I had to use "<"a and "<"br because even this editor automatically interprets them as actual html.