Ability to manually drag and drop rows, to re-order rows in a table

Hey! We'd like to use a table to create programming for a show. After line items have been added, it would be useful to be able to re-order the rows manually by dragging and dropping a row.

This can be used in multiple scenarios like re-organizing or prioritizing a list for example.

Second this request, would be useful! Also, feels appropriate that a tool that touts drag and drop allows us to create drag and drop experiences :smiley:

This is not really a traditional Table component feature (and I have used several over the years.) I can see a few potential side effects and complications to adding this capability.

I recommend using the re-orderable list. The data is then read-only but you can display it however you like. The downside is no click handler so you cannot say, click an item to open a modal to edit the show detail. Another feature request.

So maybe you have a table that allows all of your editing operations and then have the reorderable list as another UI component to specify the order - keep them separate.


I was also hoping for this feature. Using the Reorderable List is a good enough workaround, but it has two main issues in my use case:

  • can't add "operations" buttons to each row like Delete or Edit
  • can't change the style of the list itself, only the html for each entry can be customised

To deal with the first one we will continue with the table but added a button on the page to "reorder rows" which opens a modal with the reorderable list... not perfect but works for now.

The second one is a bit worse because the reorderable list is not exactly user friendly and we have little control over what we can change.

Hey @antssilva96 Thanks for requesting this on the community and for sharing your existing setup. We don't have plans to add this functionality to the table component at the moment, but I have passed along your feedback internally to our engineering team. I'll update this post if there's a status update on this feature request!