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Ever since I started using a custom branded domain, the Google Auth SSO button has disappeared on the login page.

This makes sense since I am assuming that the the google oauth is based on ** and switching it to ** puts things out of scope.

Is there anyway I can enable SSO for my custom domain if I am on the Business plan?

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I noticed this as well. @RepBot did you get this resolved?

@RepBot @Zachary_Mason @allan01 Thanks for posting about this! I checked in with our Eng Manager who's working on this, and they confirmed we are actively working on a way to allow customers to enable Google SSO on their custom domains. For some context, our default Google SSO (that is pre-configured on Retool Cloud) isn't compatible with custom domains yet, since our own Google Cloud account can only handle redirects to one domain, So with custom domains, as part of launching support for SSO with custom domains on cloud, we'll require customers to set up their own Google Cloud accounts to handle this.

We've linked this post internally to the issue tracking this work, and will post updates here as we have more info, timeline, docs, etc. Thanks again for letting us know this is important functionality for you all!

hey @RepBot @Zachary_Mason @allan01 configuring Google SSO for custom domains is now supported on Cloud. Check out these steps to set this up:

(note for others following along in the future - custom domains are available for the Business or Enterprise plan)

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