Google Authentication with Custom SSO

Having recently implemented a custom domain on Retool I found out that when using that domain users are not able to log in using their google account.

One solution mentioned in this thread is implementing a custom SSO. The problem is that custom SSO is at the Enterprise level. Following this users who are trying to setup a "simple authentication" can not do that aswell since they are already signed up with google for their email.

Rendering our custom domain in Retool useless since users have no way of logging in. Is there some solution to this?

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Hey @Tom_Berg , You can implement Sign in with Google on the Business plan so that your end users see the same Google SSO on your custom domain. This form of SSO is analogous to the Google SSO option available on your custom domain by default, just implemented with your own Google OAuth client instead of the Google OAuth client Retool maintains. You'll find the configuration on your Settings > SSO page under the Google SSO tab.

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I can not find the Settings > SSO page. My assumption before was that it is by default not visible for non Enterprise users but it might be a bug?

Hey @Tom_Berg, this actually has to do with you still being on the Legacy Business billing plan. We updated the pricing plans a while back. If you go to your Settings > Billing page, you should be able to switch over. Once switched, you should be able to input Google SSO credentials in your your custom domain. Let me know if you have any issues getting that set up!