Run and Preview don't perform the same REST query - what's going on?

Hours of trying to debug this, I've setup as simple an example as possible by hardcoding my URL parameters for a REST query, for example "client_id=12345".

When I click "Preview", everything looks fine, query is successful and the response is what it should be. It works.

When I click "Run" the query does not work and returns a server error because for some reason client_id="undefined".

I don't get it

ps. I does the same thing if I put the query parameter into a text field instead of just putting it directly into the interface.


I spoke to someone at Retool and we figured out the problem was the save state of the app was frozen, in the top left under the app title you could see the state was set to “saving…” for hours.

Run uses the last saved state and thats why preview was working and run was not.

The solution was to refresh the page, unfortunately you will loose you settings and it will revert to the last saved version.