Some Select Boxes are Too Small

I have noticed, when Apps are put into folders, the folder name gets prepended to the names of the Apps.

When trying to select an App to link to, we get this:

I know many ReTool components have captions that can go with the label, like this:

So maybe we put the folder name as a caption so the app name can take the label position?

I also looked, and when it opens, it gets a very restrictive width:

So could we bump that value up?

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Agree! This also happens in the Page Settings when trying to connect properties on the page to values in the URL, would be amazing if the width was also adjusted there :pray:

Hi @khill-fbmc, thank you for your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:
We just created the FR and attached your use case with the screenshot. @nikita_from_bunch, I also added your +1 to the request.

We'll keep you updated with any news from our devs.

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