URL Parameter dropdown unusable in current state

The dropdown in the URL parameters section for connecting properties on the page to values in the URL is essentially unusable in it's current state for any apps with more than a few files and components. The dropdown is:

  1. Very thin so truncates most of the naming
  2. Unsorted making it almost impossible to find anything
  3. No fuzzy search so you can't even type in the name of the component you want

We use standard naming for components where we keep the original name and add the descriptor after which makes finding the required component essentially impossible, see image for example.

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Hey Milo,

Totally agree that the URL parameters section for connecting properties on the page is unusable. It's on our roadmap to revamp this experience!

I did want to point out, there is another way to connect properties on the page to URL parameter values. You can do so directly in the inspector panel of a component. For example, if you have a textInput1 – in the value property you can set it to {{ urlparams.hash.myParam }} and this will connect the textInput1.value to the URL param "myParam".

Does this help with what you are trying to do in Retool?

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Hi Jennifer, this is a helpful tip thank you, not ideal as it becomes tricky to find everything contributing to urlparams once you have more than a few inputs but as a simple workaround this should work for the moment.

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Thanks @Jennifer_Zhang for the tip! @Milo We've also added this to a feature request, and as Jennifer mentioned this is on our roadmap. Will update you here when we have any additional information. Thanks!

Hey @Milo, yeah that is a great callout that the code for URL params is not centralized if you do connect it via the inspector. I do have good news though, we are also working on a feature called Code Search which will allow you to search for code throughout your app – be it event handlers, custom components code, random snippets in the Inspector panel, queries or transformers.

The feature is in a Beta stage, but if you are interested in trying it out early, feel free to send me a DM with your organization name in Retool.

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When trying to pick a value to connect a page parameter to, the select box is very small, and not searchable.


It would be nice if we could type into it like many of the other search boxes :slight_smile: