Some questions on exporting projects

Hi everyone,

I'm Filipe Zulian, recently been exploring low-code and no-code tools to optimize some React.js/Node.js projects and came across Retool. I have a few questions:

Is there a way to export the source code instead of just an .rsx file?

Also I'm confused about the pricing—if I choose the self-hosting option, why do we have to pay for the final users? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


you can also export as json

depending on what you need you could open the project using the VS Code extension to grab some javascript stuff.

can't answer the pricing stuff for ya though, sorry

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Hello @filipezulian!

Hope @bobthebear's suggestion was able to help you find the right file type and method for exporting apps.

For the pricing question, Retool charges based on different types of users and the value they derive from the Retool platform. So even if you are self hosting, in 2023, we changed our pricing from "same price for all users" to "cheaper price for end-users".