Is there any provision available to use the exported retool app into my react project?

I have created an app in the retool and also I exported it. I'm just curious to know if is there any way to use this exported one in my React project. Thanks in advance.

@manikandan thanks for posting this question, and welcome to the forum!

When exporting an app from Retool, depending on which option you select, the format is either JSON or ToolScript ZIP (ToolScript is a Retool-created coding language) and the contents of the file are specific to what the Retool platform expects. The app can't be used anywhere outside of Retool.

This may not be relevant to you, but just in case you're aiming to integrate what you build in Retool into a different website, Retool Embed might be interesting to you. Here are some docs for reference:

Hope this brings some clarity and at least helps point you in a useful direction!

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