Convert to new text input function

Love the new text input functionality. I want to convert a bunch of my old text inputs to the new one... Anyway we could get a convert to new text input function similar to how you can convert a container into a tabbed one?

Hi @JoeyKarczewski! We're working on adding this soon! We'll also be making it easy to switch between similar components (e.g., Checkbox <-> Switch, Text Input <-> Number Input).


Great!! Super excited!

Also would love the multiselect and select component to include the left aligned text :slight_smile:



Select and MultiSelect will be getting all of the same updates — including text alignment — soon!

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@JoeyKarczewski You probably spotted it by now, but you can now upgrade individual deprecated components from the inspector, or multiple components from the app actions menu. More info in the changelog!

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Great! Thanks a bunch for the update @garrett