Justify-content flex-start toggle for text inputs that are horizontal

For text input components, it would be nice for horizontal components to have a justify left toggle. Sometimes these text inputs look a bit messy and I've found justifying them to the left looks a lot cleaner.

This is my current work around using css stylling: .input-control-component_horizontal .input-control-component__label{justify-content: flex-start !important}

Hi @JoeyKarczewski!

We're currently rolling out 15+ new input components, all of which include new label options including text alignment! In fact, the new labels are actually left-aligned by default, exactly as you described.

If you don't see the new inputs in the component list yet, check back in a few days. We should be fully rolled out sometime this week.

Check out the changelog for more details.

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Is the left align option available for the select component? That would be really helpful as I don't see it currently.

Hey @danielkim!

It should be! Can you check that your component is updated to the most recent version?

It doesn't seem like I'm using the most updated version of the component. How would I be able to check for that and update it?

No worries! Are you currently deployed on cloud or on-premise? If you're on cloud and using the older select component, there is not a native migration for this yet but you should be able to replace this component with the new one from the component library

@Chris-Thompson I see. I'm deployed on-premise.

I see, I believe this should be available on the latest release of on-premise, would you be able to update your version and restart your containers?