SMTP email not sending with specific characters

I've encountered what I believe to be a bug while trying to send emails with a SMTP resource. It seems that if the body includes some specific characters (in my case specifically "ž"), the emails fail to send. The response is still OK, but the emails are never received. I'm not sure what to do about this besides trying to replace every "ž" with "z", but this can ruin the meaning of the email.

Hello @gasperblk!

That's a very weird bug, I tried to reproduce it, but I was able to send emails with the ž within them using the "Retool Email" resource and they appeared in the email body and subject.

For using a SMTP resource there are two different setup methods depending on if you are cloud hosted or self hosted. You can read more about those differences and how to set up the STMP servers here

For reference, my setup looked like this, although I think the "Retool Email" Resource might not be as customizable as an STMP server but it could be a possible workaround.

Let me know how your STMP resource is set up and hosted and I might be able to find out more about what is causing the issue with characters in the email body!

You're right, this seems to have been fixed. I'm now unable to reproduce the bug as well, even though I was quite sure it was present at some time.
Thanks for looking into it anyway