Email service removed?


I am a bit confused while building my workflows. A couple of weeks ago I could find a "Retool Email" service in the workflows, but it does not seem to be visible anymore. Am I blind or has something changed in the workflow editor?

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I can still see it here:



Thanks for info. But wtf… I am definitely still missing this. Ended up using gmail SMTP instead. It works.

That is very weird indeed. Glad GMail worked though.

Hey @ilmari are you still not seeing the Retool Email resource in your Workflows? Does it show up on your Resources page or in desktop apps?

Hello @Kabirdas. Truly thank you for following up on me. Much appreciated.

Probably you guys have waved a magic wand and the Retool Email has re-appeared in the Resources view. Still a week ago it most definitely was not there. I have no clue how that might have happened, but now everything seems to be fine again.

I created another workspace just to check that I am looking in the right place, and indeed there was Retool Email available in that other workspace while the main workspace was lacking one.

Thank you.

Glad to hear it's back :magic_wand: :rabbit:

If the issue pops up again please let us know!

I have a follow up question here:
How can we remove the "Sent via Retool Email" in the email send?



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+1 on how to remove the Sent via Retool Email at the bottom of every email. Honestly, it can just confuse users in the early stages.

I have used a separate SMTP service in the past. I ended up hacking it with Gmail and as far as I remember, the watermark wasn’t there.

It is fairly straightforward when following the Google Gmail docs about it.

You could of course use any other SMTP provider as well!

Hello! Thanks for the feedback here I've passed it along to the dev team. As of now, there aren't plans to support removing the "Sent via Retool Email" watermark, though it may happen in the future.

If you need to send mail without it your best bet is likely to use an SMTP resource as @ilmari mentioned or use another 3rd party service like Sendgrid.


I actually wasn't aware that custom SMTP resources were an option, so that could work. Thanks for the link.