Slow Retool apps Wanted!

Hey y’all! I’m working on improving retool’s performance, and I need your help!
If you have a Retool app that’s really slow for whatever reason, please DM me (or post here), and we can hop on a quick call and look into how to make it faster :slight_smile:
Useful information to include would be:

  • what parts of the app are slow (e.g. “when I click this radio button it’s slow” or “the page takes 10 seconds to load” or “this modal takes forever to open”)
  • whether you’re using end-user mode vs editor mode
  • how much data you’re loading into the app (e.g. “i load 5000 rows at a time from redshift”)
  • what device you’re using (mobile vs desktop, windows vs mac, latest 2019 macbook pro vs old 2012 thinkpad)

Hey Abdul, for some reason my entire app sometimes takes 10-20 seconds to load and I occasionally get NaN for my stats, but if I reload the page 2-3 times everything works fine afterward. Do you know what can be causing this?

Hey @Pasha! Do you have any large queries running on pageload?