Slow Retool apps Wanted!

Hey y’all! I’m working on improving retool’s performance, and I need your help!
If you have a Retool app that’s really slow for whatever reason, please DM me (or post here), and we can hop on a quick call and look into how to make it faster :slight_smile:
Useful information to include would be:

  • what parts of the app are slow (e.g. “when I click this radio button it’s slow” or “the page takes 10 seconds to load” or “this modal takes forever to open”)
  • whether you’re using end-user mode vs editor mode
  • how much data you’re loading into the app (e.g. “i load 5000 rows at a time from redshift”)
  • what device you’re using (mobile vs desktop, windows vs mac, latest 2019 macbook pro vs old 2012 thinkpad)

Hey Abdul, for some reason my entire app sometimes takes 10-20 seconds to load and I occasionally get NaN for my stats, but if I reload the page 2-3 times everything works fine afterward. Do you know what can be causing this?

Hey @Pasha! Do you have any large queries running on pageload?

Hey abdul,

I would love your help. My tool is extremely slow in edit mode and maybe 3-5 second load time when viewing as a public page. I am only a fraction of the way done with what I’m looking to do with the app so this is alarming. The drag and drop feature is something that is very laggy, and queries can sometimes take 3-4 seconds to load at times. I am not loading many rows at this time but may be accessing 4-5 tables on a given query or change in a field. I’m running desktop on an HP Elitebook 2018 or newer. Thanks for the help.

Hi @alex_22,

Feel free to send us a ping at, so we can help figure out where these slowdowns are coming from!

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so I have a large table I load for a particular app (4600) rows. And the query loads in my test environment in 300ms but it takes ca. 4 seconds to load the table in retool.
Thanks for any help! Oh and this similarly slow for both the SQl query as well as using a REST api with the same data. So i think its something with the table thats slow.

Not sure how much it’s related to the above, but just discovered that transformers always add some unwanted delay (resulting in interface lag) vs. having the exact same logic within component parameters. I believe that chained transformers makes it even worse. Would be great if that could get some attention, as writing complex logic within the small parameter input fields is a nightmare, let alone often repetitive.

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+1 to this!