Slow app. Even though it is a basic tutorial

Hi there. First post here and I am new to the community and Retool.

I am following the first tutorial but a simple query take 5-6 seconds to complete.

Any help will be appreciated.


Any idea for me?

Hi @ersanaskin Welcome! :raised_hands:

Thanks for reaching out about this! And apologies that this initial app is slower than expected. :thinking:

I'm looking into it internally. It seems like this is an issue that our engineering team is investigating. I'll post back here if I can get more details!

This issue should be specific to the onboarding resources provided by Retool for testing out the product. While we look into this, please let us know if you're also seeing slow queries with your own production resources!

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Thank you Tess.

Actually I am testing Retool to see how solid and reliable it is. Its going good.