Slow component adding

my retool became soooo slow when i add a component, button for example,
i have the time to go doing some other task until the button stops to be blue, moving on the screen and finally becomes editable.... please help thank you very much
And the same thing happens each time i want to move a component on the page...

please it is very difficult to work like that :sob:

Hi @Emmanuelle_S!

I've most often seen this when people's apps become very big, are processing a lot of data (perhaps from a particularly large query), or have some JavaScript process running in the background that takes up a lot of the browser's resources.

There are some app performance best practices documented here which may be a helpful checklist to go through generally. Some useful debugging questions to help narrow things down are:

  • does this happen when you add other components?
  • does this happen in other apps?
  • does this happen in a different browser/incognito window?
  • do you notice any of query runtimes that are particularly long?

Based on the above, is there anything you think might be particularly relevant?

thank you @Kabirdas , i tried to divide my app in an app and a module, that is right , it stays slow but better, too much data and queries in my app...