Attention Required: Slow Loading and Query Failures in Retool App

Hello Retool Team,

We've encountered ongoing performance issues with the Retool app over the past month. There are instances where the loading times are significantly slow, and CRUD operations between Retool and BigQuery are either taking an excessive amount of time or failing altogether. Despite running the same queries successfully on the BigQuery dashboard, we consistently face these challenges within Retool, greatly impacting our users' ability to utilize the app effectively.

Additionally, we've noticed a degradation in overall app responsiveness, making it difficult for users to navigate and perform tasks efficiently. This has led to frustration among our team members and a decline in productivity.

We kindly request your assistance in resolving these issues promptly, as our user experience and productivity are being severely impacted.

Hi @kum, I'm sorry to hear these slow downs are affecting you and your users. As a first step, let's take a look at the Debug Console. Here is a great topic that can help, depending on what we find. If we see that there are queries running unnecessarily, we can change their settings to "Run only when manually triggered."

Related to the BigQuery slow downs/timeouts, it may be worth looking into Enabling Retool Outbound Regions. Depending on where we are located, it may be beneficial to select "a region in close proximity to your resources can reduce query latency caused by the physical distance between your data sources and Retool's servers."