Skinny Select components

Is anybody else getting these skinny select components when nothing is selected?

The selected Select compnent and the one above it labelled "Status" are affected but the one to the left labelled "Contact" is not?

When something is selected they appear okay?

Hi @jclutterbuck! Could you share an export of an app which has the issue or describe steps to reproduce? I'm not able to reproduce with the select or multiselect components, but perhaps there's a configuration step I'm missing

I emailed a link to the app in question (although there are more than one). Was that sufficient?

Thanks @jclutterbuck! It looks like the bug is reproducible on selects with an empty placeholder and search disabled. We'll aim to get a fix in for this soon!

In the meantime, if you either add placeholder text to the dropdown, add a default value that will always be defined, or change the Search mode to something other than Disabled, it should render the select with the correct height.

Just merged a fix for this -- should be available in the next cloud deploy (likely week of 11/27 due to Thanksgiving holiday)!

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Great, thanks.