Select Component Bug!

My Select Component is freezing and making my entire application Freeze and Crash. The whole page is now unusable! No change have been made. Only difference is the release of V3.20.0

Need Retool Team to fix this bug they caused

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Can you share more about this issue? Does it reproduce in a new app? Can you share an app export?

Having issues here too. My team is unable to scroll inside of any Select or Multiselect components on all apps @bca

I Only have one app that uses the select. the component having the issue is a select that has its data mapped from an array made from a SQL query.

Yes i can share an app export. do i just message it directly to you?

Sometimes i will click on component and then the whole screen will freeze and other times it will open it up partially and then freeze like below:

Here is the component set up:

@PadenM thanks for reporting, we can reproduce this issue. Stay tuned for updates!


Great thanks! Yes Hopefully soon so my people can continue their work. :sweat_smile:

Seemed to only do it when values were mapped. i changed a test one to manual and had like 4 options and it was fine.

@PadenM Hi Paden, I checked in with my colleague and he tells me that this issue has been resolved. I wanted to to check and see if this is now working for you as expected. Let me know if you have any questions.

Yes we are good now