Sidebar item highlight

Is there anyway in the sidebar for it to automatically change the highlighted item to be the one you've just selected? I don't seem to be able to find this function or even access the highlighted element using JS.


You may need a Mapped source with Highlight value based on a state

Or if you don't have a bunch of them, simply use the custom tab in navigation menu item, again with a state.
And change the state value on navigation item click
Here is a sample app: Sidebar.json (7.9 KB)

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Ah perfect, thanks got it working with a lookup value.

Last one, when I have multiple sub menus, I know I can't have them all auto expanded when the app starts, but now when I set the highlights in a different sub menu it closes the existing open sub menu. Any way to keep the sub menu open? I'm guessing not as this might be linked to not being able to set the sub menu 'open' state in JS.


waiting for a fix for this as well