On active state for navigation links


I'd like to add the equivalent of an 'On Active' state for navigation bar links.....
I.e. when the user clicks, I would like there to be a style that stays with the link when it is active.

In my example below, you will see when the user clicks, you see an orange bar very quickly appear, and then go away - however, I'd like a style /state that means this bar stays. Or, at the very least. the text can take on a different colour (similar to the OnHover state.

This is so that the user can see which option in the navigation bar is currently selected.
Currently, this is not possible.





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You need to set the Highlight property in your menu.

Here is how I am doing it in one of my apps. It used nested tab containers, so you can simplify yours:


that worked a treat!! thank you!!!

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