SendGrid integration gives "Operation POST_mail-send not found"


When attempting to send an email using the SendGrid integration with the POST /mail/send operation, Retool gives an "Operation POST_mail-send not found" error.

  • When I test the connection it is shown as working.
  • This exact integration and query worked before, but it stopped working today morning.
  • Even when trying to send a very simple email with a single-sentence body and a fixed to and from, it fails.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I am having the problem with POST/marketing/contacts, so following this post for any response.

Hey hey! Would y'all mind sharing a screenshot of your query? It looks like a SendGrid POST query is working for me!

I'm getting the same here, without any query selected or data being input:

Looks like the mail/send endpoint is just wonky:

Thank you for sending that! It seems like there may be a regression on our end that we're working to fix now. Will keep you posted + thank you for surfacing :pray:

A fix for this has been pushed and should go live with our next deploy (usually on the scale of hours to a couple days from now) :tada: Please do let me know how things work for you, and thank you again for sharing this with us!

I can confirm my sengrid workflows have been working for a few days now. Thanks!