Looking for a Sendgrid POST Example

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could share their setup for a POST mail/send query. I'm struggling to understand the structure of the required inputs via the Retool interface.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, thanks for reaching out! I've pulled together some information from the Sendgrid docs (https://sendgrid.com/docs/api-reference/) if you want to see the source.

body.content: (Array) An array where you can specify the content of your email. You can include multiple MIME types of content, but you must specify at least one MIME type. To include more than one MIME type, add another object to the array containing the type and value parameters.

body.subject: (String) The global or 'message level' subject of your email. This may be overridden by subject lines set in personalizations.

body.from: (Object) One required key of email: (String) The 'From' email address used to deliver the message. This address should be a verified sender in your Twilio SendGrid account.

body.personalizations: (Array of Objects) Allows you to send the email to multiple addresses at differing times etc. The most basic format would look something like this : [ {to: [ {'email' : 'john@example.com'} ]} ]. But there are other personalizations that are optional.