Self-hosted Error inviting a new user

I am trying to invite a new user to our self-hosted install of Retool and getting an error:

{"namespace":"memoryUsage","pid":43,"message":{"pid":43,"Memory Stats for process":{"rss":"259.104768 MB","heapTotal":"164.569088 MB","heapUsed":"147.145768 MB","percentageHeapUsed":"89.41%"},"CPU Usage % for process":"0.08%","Memory Stats for container":{"freeSystemMemory":"5811.892224 MB","totalSystemMemory":"8242.21696 MB","percentageFreeMemory":"70.51%"}},"level":"info","timestamp":"2022-03-24T22:39:57.433Z"}
[HPM] Error occurred while trying to proxy request /api/organization/admin/bulkInviteUsers from IP_ADDRESS:3000 to http://localhost:3001 (ECONNRESET) (Errors | Node.js v17.8.0 Documentation)
{"pid":43,"requestId":"df0cfd50-31cc-4eba-bced-acbd66b59ec2","user":{"email":"MY_EMAIL_ADDRESS","sid":"user_5ea6e22524a5444f8fc94e822eef202e"},"organization":{"id":1,"name":"MY_EMAIL_ADDRESS"},"message":{"type":"UNCAUGHT_ERROR","stack":"FetchError: invalid json response body at reason: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0\n at /snapshot/retool_development/node_modules/node-fetch/lib/index.js:273:32\n at runMicrotasks ()\n at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:97:5)\n at async sendInvitation (/snapshot/retool_development/backend/transpiled/server/modules/email.js)\n at async inviteUser (/snapshot/retool_development/backend/transpiled/server/controllers/organizations.js)\n at async Promise.all (index 0)\n at async /snapshot/retool_development/backend/transpiled/server/controllers/organizations.js"},"level":"error","timestamp":"2022-03-24T22:40:04.757Z"}

When I connected the app to our own PG instance it looked like one of the DB migrations may not have executed properly and the app wouldn't start. I reviewed the necessary migration and executed it by hand, and then the subsequent update occurred as expected and the App came up with all the expected information.

Any info would be appreciated.

Hey @alex_lindsay_manime!
´╗┐Happy to help here! Were you previously able to add users or is this the initial setup? When this fails, are you bulk inviting or inviting a single user at a time?

I was able to get the user added that I was having trouble with. I had to do some tinkering to get the system running with an external database, and get him added to the all users group. Thanks