Cannot destructure property 'basename' of 'i.useContext(...)' as it is null

Hello there,

We upgraded self-hosted retool to 3.64-edge last week and everything was just fine, but today we started to get the error right after the login page submitted:

As I can see in most cases the solution is to upgrade to newer version, but in this case our version is the latest one already.

We rebuilt the docker containers, but this came up empty.

Anything we can do to fix that?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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We also tried to downgrade to 3.52.6-stable but that didn't help.

It appeared, the issue happened right after we invited additional member to Retool, I logged in the database directly and deleted the invite: DELETE FROM public.user_invites WHERE id=xx;

After that the issue was resolved. I can replicate it on my end. Is this something what should happen? Is there a way to avoid that?

Hi @Dima_Borodin,

Thanks for reporting these details! It looks like a Retool bug :disappointed: I'll reach out when I get an update internally

Bumping this. Exact same situation as @Dima_Borodin except deleting the invite does not fix it for me. Was on 3.52.0-stable, ran into the error, upgraded to 3.62 edge and then to 3.52.7-stable. Still have issues.

Thanks, @Kenorn,

Our team is looking into it!