Schema browser does not show tables

I am using Postgres to bring in my data. My issue is that the data does not show up in the schema browser. Is there something that I need to do for the tables to be visible?

I did confirm that the connection is successful. I also tried to run a query but was unsuccessful in ReTool. I get an error stating that the table does not exist.

Hey @djbeto2209! Usually, if your schema is not showing, the resource is not properly connected.

I'd be interested to see how you have your resource setup. Are you using an Retool oncloud or onpem?

I am using ReTool OnCloud I think. My resource connection shows successful when I test it from the Resources tab.

Hey djbeto2209, the 'Test Connection' on the resource page can return false positives in some situations :confused: If your schema isn't showing and all queries are returning as unsuccessful, then your resource is not connected.

Here are our docs on troubleshooting resource connections. One common issue cause of resources failing to connect is if you haven't whitelisted Retool's IP address in Postgres.

If you can share your resource setup we'd be happy to help troubleshoot the connection!