PostgreSQL table is missing on GUI mode

I created a new table after setting up the connection on Retool resource. The PG user I use didn't have any permission to the table. I gave permissions to the table and I managed to access the data through a query (SQL mode). However, I can't see the table on GUI mode.

I checked the permissions with this query:

SELECT grantee, privilege_type 
FROM information_schema.role_table_grants 
WHERE table_name='the_new_table'

in the SQL editor (SQL mode). Really appreciate your help.

The table eventually showed up in the select dropdown. What I was really asking is a way to refresh the table list on GUI mode resource query.

Just a note for ones who are interested. I tried refreshing the app page and going back from the apps list.

Hey @cubeadinda!

There's a button to refresh the DB schema in the right panel of your query editor! That should help refresh the tables in GUI mode as well:

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