Preview button starts a counter & Output never loads

Update: Stopped happening two days ago. Unsure if something I did changed it.

Hi folks

Any ideas what I've done that causes the above to start happening in the last week?

When I click on a resource query the second time, the preview button disappears and is replaced by a counter that will run up to 1000s of seconds (if I let it) and the output query never loads.

All my API resource queries run fine and data is returned but it's a pain having to tab over to postman to check the API output :slight_smile:

@Charles_McRobert , welcome,

The timer is supposed to be there, although you should barely notice it when everything is working fine. By default, after 10s, the query will be timed out, you can extend that period in the advanced tab.
That the query times out can have various causes, but if you do get a result with Postman, then maybe the query just takes too long. How long does it take to run from postman?
Maybe the retool ip is blocked from the api? Or is there more distance between retool server and your api?

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Thanks. Issue is no longer occurring. I've gone through all my queries and they are all set to 10000ms time out. The retool mobile app was get/put data from the API and displaying it fine. Postman was retuning the data in less than a second. Just the preview timer kept going up and the query result never loaded.

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Strange :thinking: Glad it stopped, but let us know if it comes up again!